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Setting up your Business in India. Foreign companies/Entities can set up wholly-owned subsidiary in sectors where 100% foreign direct investment is permitted under the FDI policy. The wholly-owned subsidiary may be either of the following business entities: Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership. Foreign Companies can also set up their operations in India through the business entities: Liaison Office/Representative Office Project Office Branch Office ntry Options for Foreign Investors A foreign company planning to commence business operations in India has the option of setting-up the following type of companies: Branch Office Liaison / Representative Office Project Office By Forming a Company in India Branch Office : Government has allowed foreign companies engaged in manufacturing and trading activities abroad to set up Branch Offices in India for the following purposes: To represent the parent company/ other foreign companies in various matters in India e.g. acting as buying/selling agents in India . To conduct research work in the area in which the parent company is engaged. To undertake export and import trading activities To promote possible technical and financial collaborations between the Indian companies and overseas companies. Rendering professional or consultancy services. Rendering services in Information technology and development of software in India . Rendering technical support to the products supplied by the parent/ Group companies. Foreign airline/ shipping company Liaison Office: One of the practices for foreign companies to enter the Indian markets is the setting up of a Liaison/Representative office. A Liaison office is not allowed to undertake any business activity in India and cannot therefore, earn any income in India . The role of such offices is, therefore, limited to collec

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