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Companies Act 2013

Compliance's with the provisions of Companies Act, Preparation of Annual Report (that includes Company profile, Notice, Directors Report, Proxy forms and attendance slip etc.) Filing of all statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies. Preparation of the statutory records which includes the following.  Register of Members & Debenture Holders. Index of Members.  Register of Charges Register of Deposits.  Register of Directors, Managing Director, Secretary. Register of Particulars of Contacts.  Register of Directors attendance at Board Meetings. Register of Directors attendance at Annual General Meetings.  Register of Members attendance at Annual General Meetings & Extraordinary General Meeting.  Register of Proxies.  Register of transfers. (vi) Preparation of Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors and Members. (vii) Providing Clarifications, Advises to the Board of Directors. (viii) Handling Share transfers Inhouse. (ix) Takeovers (x) Mergers and Amalgamations filing process and implementation at high courts (xi) Obtaining Digital signatures. (xii) Filing of E-returns with the Registrar of Companies.

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Companies Secretarial calendar for Apirl,2019

MSME Form -- yet to be notified DPT3 before 20th April,2019. Eform Active Form No.22A before 25th April,2019 Form DIN 3 KYC before 30th April, 2019